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TUTORIAL: Using handwriting textures 


First, you can do the basic black text option. To do this, take the selection tool to cut out the part of the writing you want. 

Drag that selection (or copy and paste it) on to your graphic/cap/whatever you desire. Set the blending mode to Multiply


Open up your texture and make a new Invert layer. 

Then, use the same method to select your section of text you want and paste it on to your image. This time, set it to Screen blending mode.

Now that you’ve mastered the basics, let’s do some fancy stuff. 


Select the text you want and create a new Gradient Map layer. 

Select a color and then black. Make sure it’s in this order. 

Merge and apply to your image. Set this to Screen. I also went and blurred it by going to Filter - Blur - Blur More. This makes it really soft looking.


Select out the text you want. Create a new gradient fill layer. 

I’m using this pink/purple one. You can use whatever you want depending on the layer style you want to use. 

Set this layer to screen. Select your entire image, and copy merged. Paste this on your graphic. 

I’m setting my layer to Color Burn.. You can also use (Multiply, Darken, etc.).

I can’t really read my text, so I’m going to duplicate the layer a few times until I get the look I want. The bottom part got too dark, so I erased it on each duplicated layer until I got the look I wanted. 

I hope this helped you in understanding handwriting textures :) Feel free to use these ones I made in your creations! 

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